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43 11 Russian transgressions met with increasingly weak US response
45 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 45 minutes ago
27 5 Trump team still stoking Ukraine story despite US intel warning
28 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 28 minutes ago
20 23 Pete Buttigieg and the Republican lie
39 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 39 minutes ago
17 11 How a conspiracy theory about George Soros is fueling allegations of Ukraine collusion | The billionaire philanthropist has long been the target of conspiracy theorists about Jews controlling the world.
54 minutes ago • nbcnews.com
nbcnews.com 54 minutes ago
14 7 Warren Calls On Buttigieg to Disclose His McKinsey Clients
31 minutes ago • bloomberg.com
bloomberg.com 31 minutes ago
11 7 Why Is Trump a Tariff Man? It’s all about the power — and the cronyism.
53 minutes ago • nytimes.com
nytimes.com 53 minutes ago
9 2 "OGC lawyers responsible for providing guidance on the OPO lease acknowledged that the President’s interest in the lease might violate the Foreign Emoluments Clause, and thus constitute a breach of the lease. However, despite recognizing the emoluments issue, they decided not to address it."
19 minutes ago • gsaig.gov
gsaig.gov 19 minutes ago