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65 9 "I Would Love Medicare for All": A Nevada Culinary Union Member on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders
56 minutes ago • inthesetimes.com
inthesetimes.com 56 minutes ago
42 11 Jeff Bezos likes to start fires then cosplay as a firefighter. His $10 billion climate change check is no different: Last year, Bezos ostensibly donated out of the good of his heart to Seattle's homeless shelters—while Amazon aggressively lobbied the city to drop a tax which would help the homeless
47 minutes ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk 47 minutes ago
38 7 Bernie Sanders says Trump's pardons are part of a ‘broken and racist’ system - President condemned for pardoning white-collar criminals while ‘poor and working-class kids’ remain imprisoned
58 minutes ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk 58 minutes ago
34 5 Trump pardoned a construction company owner whose family donated over $200,000 to his campaign
22 minutes ago • businessinsider.com
businessinsider.com 22 minutes ago
33 4 Pardoning the Swamp — Low-life gonna low-life.
59 minutes ago • commondreams.org
commondreams.org 59 minutes ago
16 6 Sanders surges into national lead in new Post-ABC poll
16 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 16 minutes ago
13 4 'Bernie or bust': Yes, electing Sanders is more important than just defeating Trump
17 minutes ago • haaretz.com
haaretz.com 17 minutes ago
10 1 DOJ memo shows Barr's lid on reported Giuliani investigation
19 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 19 minutes ago
10 2 As A Female Politician, I Spent 20 Years Keeping Quiet About Sexism. Now I’m Speaking Out — “I was not prepared to deal with predatory behavior ranging from overt assault to casual verbal misogyny.”
35 minutes ago • huffingtonpost.com
huffingtonpost.com 35 minutes ago
10 12 US attorney general William Barr 'considering quitting over Trump tweets' | President called himself the 'chief law enforcement officer of the country'
39 minutes ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk 39 minutes ago
7 3 Is big money eroding trust in US elections? | With the concentration of wealth in the hands of few, we explore the role of money in US politics.
22 minutes ago • aljazeera.com
aljazeera.com 22 minutes ago
5 1 A vindictive president, a pusillanimous party, a stooge at Justice, and a country at risk
17 minutes ago • metrotimes.com
metrotimes.com 17 minutes ago
5 1 U.S. arrests Mexican citizen in Miami for allegedly acting on behalf of Russia
40 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 40 minutes ago
4 1 Michael Milken's Pardon by Trump Sends Message That 'White-Collar Crime Doesn't Really Matter,' Says Author of Book About Junk Bond King
17 minutes ago • newsweek.com
newsweek.com 17 minutes ago
3 1 The White Swan Harbingers Of Global Economic Crisis Are Already Here
24 minutes ago • theguardian.com
theguardian.com 24 minutes ago