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58 7 Morgan Freeman Spells Out Exactly What’s At Stake This Election In New Ad — “Our lives quite literally depend on it,” the actor warns in a new ad for the NAACP
43 minutes ago • huffpost.com
huffpost.com 43 minutes ago
38 2 The Closer — Trump is still treating a deadly virus like it’s one of his real estate deals: bluster, lie and ignore the real numbers.
46 minutes ago • progressive.org
progressive.org 46 minutes ago
27 1 Rural Minnesota Is Getting Less White. Meet the Progressive Women Running to Make the Government Less White, Too — Immigrants, come to work meatpacking and farm jobs, have rejuvenated Nobles County. These women aim to make sure they’re represented.
48 minutes ago • inthesetimes.com
inthesetimes.com 48 minutes ago
26 5 It’s Time to Fight for a Truly Democratic Republic — The US political system was intentionally set up to thwart popular democracy. To win Medicare for All or any other transformative measures, we’ll need to push for radical political reform that finally democratizes the country’s institutions.
43 minutes ago • jacobinmag.com
jacobinmag.com 43 minutes ago
25 7 Trump appointee holds job unlawfully
39 minutes ago • njtoday.net
njtoday.net 39 minutes ago
22 5 In election's waning days, Trump campaigns against those fighting coronavirus
36 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 36 minutes ago
22 18 US becomes first country to record 100,000 new coronavirus cases in one day
15 minutes ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk 15 minutes ago
17 1 Things fall apart in the United States — and Canada takes a hard look in the mirror
48 minutes ago • cbc.ca
cbc.ca 48 minutes ago
13 2 Jeff Goldblum Urges Phone Banking for the "Most Important Election in the History of the Human Story" — The 'What If...?' star joined Swing Left's Call-o-Ween event, which enlisted volunteers to call voters in Arizona on Friday evening.
25 minutes ago • hollywoodreporter.com
hollywoodreporter.com 25 minutes ago
13 4 What a Maine woman did after her ballot apparently got lost in the mail
56 minutes ago • bangordailynews.com
bangordailynews.com 56 minutes ago
12 6 Lady Gaga Brings Back Her Most Iconic Outfits (the Meat Dress!) in Powerful Voting PSA — From her unforgettable meat dress to the "Poker Face" bodysuit that started it all, Lady Gaga revived her memorable fashion moments as she encourages Americans to vote.
31 minutes ago • people.com
people.com 31 minutes ago
12 10 The “hanging chads” of 2020: More than 1 million mail-in ballots could be rejected this election
44 minutes ago • salon.com
salon.com 44 minutes ago
10 4 Rounding the Delusional Corner
an hour ago • commondreams.org
commondreams.org an hour ago
7 10 Hillary Clinton to vote as member of New York’s Electoral College
26 minutes ago • nypost.com
nypost.com 26 minutes ago
1 7 How would Joe Biden’s tax proposals impact your tax liability?
28 minutes ago • aei.org
aei.org 28 minutes ago