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1630 533 Federal Judge Rules Trump Cannot Block House Subpoena Seeking Financial Records
42 minutes ago • self.politics
self.politics 42 minutes ago
275 23 Justin Amash dismantles Barr’s and the GOP’s defenses of Trump
2 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 2 hours ago
253 31 Amash continues Trump criticism in fresh tweetstorm
2 hours ago • cnn.com
cnn.com 2 hours ago
195 50 White House Says It's Blocking Don McGahn From Testifying In Congress
2 hours ago • npr.org
npr.org 2 hours ago
158 8 House Intel Committee votes to release Michael Cohen testimony, exhibits
32 minutes ago • cbsnews.com
cbsnews.com 32 minutes ago
124 4 Bernie Sanders Slams Republican ‘Tax Scam’ and GOP Lies After Ford Announces 7,000 Layoffs
58 minutes ago • newsweek.com
newsweek.com 58 minutes ago
113 10 Mueller agents given UK approval to interview Christopher Steele in London over Donald Trump dossier
2 hours ago • telegraph.co.uk
telegraph.co.uk 2 hours ago
101 7 Cicilline: Time to launch impeachment inquiry if Don McGahn doesn’t testify
an hour ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com an hour ago
69 11 Republicans who don’t protect Trump’s corruption will pay a very steep price
2 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 2 hours ago
62 6 U.S. House Judiciary chair says still expects McGahn to testify
41 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 41 minutes ago
62 8 Trump Critics Call on Democrats to Heed GOP Rep. Justin Amash's 'Wake-Up Call' and Begin Impeachment Proceedings. "How is it possible that a Republican member of Congress is willing to do more than House Democratic leadership to hold Donald Trump accountable?"
45 minutes ago • commondreams.org
commondreams.org 45 minutes ago
56 17 2020 election poll: Joe Biden's lead shrinks to zero against Bernie Sanders in critical Iowa
an hour ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk an hour ago
48 9 The president gripes about Fox's news anchors, showing his disregard for journalism
2 hours ago • edition.cnn.com
edition.cnn.com 2 hours ago
47 5 Guatemalan teen boy is latest migrant child to die in U.S. custody
an hour ago • cbsnews.com
cbsnews.com an hour ago
46 1 U.S. House Judiciary Democrat Cicilline Says House Should Open an Impeachment Inquiry If Former White House Counsel Does Not Appear to Testify
44 minutes ago • news.yahoo.com
news.yahoo.com 44 minutes ago
44 8 Guatemalan teen dies after apprehension at the U.S.-Mexico border
2 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 2 hours ago
42 3 Cohen told lawmakers that Trump lawyer Sekulow instructed him to lie about Moscow tower project: report
46 minutes ago • thehill.com
thehill.com 46 minutes ago
40 3 Full Cicilline: 'Appropriate' for Democrats to start impeachment inquiry if McGahn doesn't show
56 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 56 minutes ago
38 9 Watchdog: DeVos used personal emails for work in 'limited' cases
2 hours ago • thehill.com
thehill.com 2 hours ago
38 3 EPA Science Said Trump’s Coal Rule Would Kill 1,400. So the EPA Ditched Science.
47 minutes ago • nymag.com
nymag.com 47 minutes ago
33 6 White House tells McGahn not to testify, backed by Justice Department opinion
2 hours ago • cbsnews.com
cbsnews.com 2 hours ago
32 18 Nike, Under Armour, among others, urge Trump to remove footwear from tariff list
2 hours ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 2 hours ago
32 4 Do Not Track is back in the US Senate. And this time it means business. As in, fining businesses that stalk you online
48 minutes ago • theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk 48 minutes ago
31 3 Republicans are now tied up in knots on antiabortion rhetoric
an hour ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com an hour ago
31 6 Trump's Big Mad at Fox News for Giving Airtime to Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Other 2020 Democrats
an hour ago • theroot.com
theroot.com an hour ago
30 16 Trump: I Like Deutsche But I Don’t Need Them Because I’m ‘Cash’ Rich
51 minutes ago • talkingpointsmemo.com
talkingpointsmemo.com 51 minutes ago
30 3 Leaving the Paris Agreement Is a Bad Deal for the United States | Trump’s plan to quit the accord would provide serious cover for major emitters like China and India.
58 minutes ago • foreignpolicy.com
foreignpolicy.com 58 minutes ago
29 3 NY bill to let US House see Trump's state returns narrowed
2 hours ago • apnews.com
apnews.com 2 hours ago
27 17 Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are locked in a dead heat in a crucial Iowa poll
an hour ago • salon.com
salon.com an hour ago
27 3 White House tells Don McGahn, former counsel, not to testify to House panel
2 hours ago • amp.usatoday.com
amp.usatoday.com 2 hours ago
26 4 Cohen told lawmakers Trump attorney Jay Sekulow instructed him to falsely claim Moscow project ended in January 2016
46 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 46 minutes ago
26 3 Iranian official slams Trump's 'crazy' mixed messages
52 minutes ago • edition.cnn.com
edition.cnn.com 52 minutes ago
25 4 The Mad King's Minions Tell Former White House Lawyer Don McGahn Not to Testify Before House Committee
35 minutes ago • theroot.com
theroot.com 35 minutes ago
24 4 Executive Privilege and Compelled Testimony of Presidential Advisers: Don McGahn's Dilemma
2 hours ago • lawfareblog.com
lawfareblog.com 2 hours ago
24 1 Fifth child dies in US custody after being detained at the border
26 minutes ago • aljazeera.com
aljazeera.com 26 minutes ago
23 4 Trump distances himself from ‘universal coverage’ health care vow
25 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 25 minutes ago
23 1 Senators Request Answers about WH Proposal to Place Presidential Appointee in Charge of Federal Workforce Policy
57 minutes ago • warner.senate.gov
warner.senate.gov 57 minutes ago
21 1 U.S. Supreme Court sides with Native American elk hunter
56 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 56 minutes ago
20 3 Florida police caught using mug shots of black men for target practice
53 minutes ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com 53 minutes ago
19 4 A Would-Be Trump Aide’s Demands: A Jet on Call, a Future Cabinet Post and More: Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state, spoke with President Trump about an “immigration czar” job in the administration.
23 minutes ago • nytimes.com
nytimes.com 23 minutes ago
18 6 Institutional racism in health care
25 minutes ago • thehill.com
thehill.com 25 minutes ago
16 3 HUD agrees to provide $5 million for carbon monoxide detectors in public housing after deaths
32 minutes ago • nbcnews.com
nbcnews.com 32 minutes ago
16 6 Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch emerges as decisive vote in favor of Native American treaty rights
50 minutes ago • cnbc.com
cnbc.com 50 minutes ago
15 22 McConnell, Kaine introduce bill to raise tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21
2 hours ago • thehill.com
thehill.com 2 hours ago
14 4 There's a huge loophole in a new DOJ filing that Trump cited to block Don McGahn from testifying before Congress
17 minutes ago • businessinsider.com
businessinsider.com 17 minutes ago
14 2 Federal judge smacks down Trump’s resistance to congressional oversight. Well, at least one judge still cares about what the law says.
57 minutes ago • thinkprogress.org
thinkprogress.org 57 minutes ago
14 1 Trump loses lawsuit challenging subpoena for financial records
59 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 59 minutes ago
13 3 Cohen told lawmakers Trump attorney Jay Sekulow instructed him to falsely claim Moscow project ended in January 2016
58 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 58 minutes ago
13 2 Judge upholds Dem subpoena for Trump financial records
59 minutes ago • politico.com
politico.com 59 minutes ago
12 1 The Inescapable Politics of Climate Change
an hour ago • thenation.com
thenation.com an hour ago
12 7 Joe Biden's lead shrinks to zero against Bernie Sanders in critical poll
49 minutes ago • independent.co.uk
independent.co.uk 49 minutes ago
11 3 Deutsche Bank denies report it prevented Trump transactions being flagged
an hour ago • reuters.com
reuters.com an hour ago
11 4 Iranian official slams Trump's 'crazy' mixed messages
20 minutes ago • cnn.com
cnn.com 20 minutes ago
11 5 The Weapons Industry Lobbyist Advising Joe Biden. Stuart Eizenstat has worked as a powerful political advisor, as well as a corporate lobbyist for the oil and arms industries.
52 minutes ago • inthesetimes.com
inthesetimes.com 52 minutes ago
11 2 Federal judge rules against Trump in records dispute with congress
59 minutes ago • finance.yahoo.com
finance.yahoo.com 59 minutes ago
10 2 Trump slams Fox News for interviewing Mayor Pete Buttigieg, earning a rare rebuke from Brit Hume
58 minutes ago • theweek.com
theweek.com 58 minutes ago
7 1 Cohen told lawmakers Trump attorney Jay Sekulow instructed him to falsely claim Moscow project ended in January 2016
59 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 59 minutes ago
6 5 Pittsburgh won't enforce gun controls until suits resolved
49 minutes ago • apnews.com
apnews.com 49 minutes ago
6 7 Why Justin Amash’s impeachment comments probably won’t change Nancy Pelosi’s mind
55 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 55 minutes ago
5 13 George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying in Russiagate. Now he has a sexy new life in Hollywood.
an hour ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com an hour ago
4 2 Lawmakers applaud Google for revoking Huawei’s Android license
23 minutes ago • theverge.com
theverge.com 23 minutes ago
2 2 Mayors, judges and US House seat up in Pennsylvania election
an hour ago • fox56.com
fox56.com an hour ago
0 12 Democrats must acknowledge abortion rights, restrictions in Roe ruling
an hour ago • usatoday.com
usatoday.com an hour ago
0 1 Huawei gets temporary licence amid US blacklist row
20 minutes ago • news.sky.com
news.sky.com 20 minutes ago
0 13 Coordinated anti-Trump campaign emerges on Instagram: study
22 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 22 minutes ago
0 5 John Guandolo: Moderate Muslims Are Waging Stealth Jihad
23 minutes ago • rightwingwatch.org
rightwingwatch.org 23 minutes ago
0 19 Researchers find coordinated anti-Trump campaign on Instagram
41 minutes ago • thehill.com
thehill.com 41 minutes ago
0 40 Is Bernie Sanders Going To Get Knifed By The DNC Again?
50 minutes ago • townhall.com
townhall.com 50 minutes ago
0 14 Social media post sharing newspaper story of Trump having a 73 IQ is fake
52 minutes ago • politifact.com
politifact.com 52 minutes ago