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742 116 Witness Can Confirm Matt Gaetz Was Told He Had Sex With a Minor
an hour ago • thedailybeast.com
thedailybeast.com an hour ago
155 49 School Bans Pulitzer Prize-Winning Graphic Novel ‘Maus’
an hour ago • thedailybeast.com
thedailybeast.com an hour ago
85 3 Arizona Democrat: Censuring Sinema was the bare minimum
an hour ago • msnbc.com
msnbc.com an hour ago
67 46 Democrats seek swift confirmation to fill Supreme Court seat
59 minutes ago • apnews.com
apnews.com 59 minutes ago
57 21 YouTube permanently bans Fox News host Dan Bongino
26 minutes ago • reuters.com
reuters.com 26 minutes ago
35 3 Supreme Court denies Kevin McCarthy's challenge to proxy voting in House
29 minutes ago • politico.com
politico.com 29 minutes ago
32 32 US 'Closer to Civil War Than Any of Us Would Like to Believe': Book
an hour ago • businessinsider.com
businessinsider.com an hour ago
26 53 Florida bill would allow doctors to decline services based on their conscience
an hour ago • wesh.com
wesh.com an hour ago
7 11 Florida health care bill to protect 'conscience' causes stir.
33 minutes ago • tampabay.com
tampabay.com 33 minutes ago
4 29 Mostly educators of color could face termination due to vaccine mandate, Boston Teachers Union says
2 hours ago • bostonglobe.com
bostonglobe.com 2 hours ago
0 45 This is not how the Supreme Court is supposed to work
47 minutes ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 47 minutes ago
0 34 Kyrsten Sinema's censure is yet another ideological purity test poisoning U.S. politics
2 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
washingtonpost.com 2 hours ago
0 4 Ron DeSantis Accuses Jen Psaki of Lying About Florida on Schools, COVID Treatments
2 hours ago • businessinsider.com
businessinsider.com 2 hours ago